Provincial Treasury

Western Cape Department Budget for 2017-18


Good financial governance.


  • To improve governance through:

  • Enhancing accountability and oversight;

  • Creating public value;

  • Enabling delivery of quality services through partnerships; and

  • Capacity building in public sector finance.

Core functions and responsibilities

The core functions, powers and responsibilities of the Provincial Treasury are captured in section 18 of the PFMA and section 5 of the MFMA. To give effect to the National Strategic Outcomes (NSO) 9 and 12 and Provincial Strategic Goal 5 (PSG 5): Embed good governance and integrated service delivery through partnerships and spatial alignment, the branches Fiscal and Economic Services and Governance and Asset Management will execute the following core functions and responsibilities:

  • To manage the provincial and municipal fiscal resources effectively;

  • To facilitate the effective and efficient management of assets and financial systems; and

  • To promote accountability in financial activities and compliance with financial norms and standards.

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