Office of the Chief Justice and Judicial Administration

National Department Budget for 2018-19

Vote purpose

Strengthen judicial governance and independence by rendering effective support to the Chief Justice in executing administrative and judicial powers and duties as both head of the judiciary and the Constitutional Court.


As prescribed in section 165 (6) of the Constitution, read together with the Superior Courts Act (2013), the Office of the Chief Justice is mandated to render support to the chief justice as the head of the judiciary. In addition to its mandate, the Office of the Chief Justice is also required to: provide and coordinate legal and administrative support to the chief justice; provide communication and relationship management services; provide intergovernmental and internal coordination services; develop administration policies for courts; support the development of judicial policy, norms and standards; support the judicial function of the Constitutional Court; and support the Judicial Service Commission and South African Judicial Education Institute in the execution of their mandates.

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