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PER - Provincial Office Rental Accommodation

What is this?
The office accommodation for the provincial sphere of Government extends from provincial capitals to remote, outlying areas of the province, as is necessary for giving effect to the service delivery mandate. The leasing in of such office accommodation, in this context, is greatly impacted by the location, market supply and supplier (landlord) power. In order to realise savings on expenditure on leased office accommodation, considerations needs to be given to: (a) appropriate lease management system that allows for accurate monitoring and professional management of leases; (b) Capacity in terms of professional property management resources to manage the lease portfolio, on an equal footing with professional developers/landlords; (c) Ensuring the benefits of the centralisation of the leasing mandate in Public Works is realised; (d) investing in Government’s in-house benchmarking / data-mining capability; (e) Reviewing space efficiency.
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