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eTender Portal

What is this?
Tender advertisements for competitive process across South Africa.
Key points
  1. National Treasury's eTender Publication Portal facilitates all government institutions to publish their tenders and award notices on a single platform.
  2. This includes tenders of amongst others all National and Provincial Departments, (Metros, District Municipalities, Local Municipalities as adopted by council and Municipal Entities), all Public Entities, State Owned Enterprises and Constitutional Bodies.
  3. The eTender Publication portal is an initiative of Treasury's Office of the Chief Procurement Officer.
Why is it important?

The eTender Publication Portal contributes to reducing duplication, fragmentation and inefficiency in government tender publications. Making the information readily available and ensuring that bids are advertised in a competitive process supports government institutions to secure the best suppliers to provide the services/goods. Making the bid documents available to suppliers for free. Improving the transparency and accountability with regards to the award of government tenders supports the inclusion of small businesses and reduces corruption.

What can it be used for?

By examining the information in conjunction with Procurement Plans, it can be determined if government institutions are complying with the Procurement Plans or deviating from the published commitments in terms of timelines and method of procurement.

How can it be accessed and used?
  1. Visit National Treasury's eTender portal
  2. Click on Tender Opportunities
  3. Select desired categories
  4. Press search

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