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Socio-economic Data

BOOST Open Budgets Portal
The BOOST Open Budgets Portal is a World Bank platform with expenditure data for numerous countries that can be used for analyses and comparison purposes.
Census 2011 (2016 Boundaries)
The 2011 Census, aggregated using the 2016 municipal boundaries. The census contains demographic information on individuals and households in South Africa down to the le…
Community Survey 2016
The 2016 Community Survey was a large-scale individual and household survey taken in-between national censuses.
Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) website
The COGTA website publishes downloadable information (in .pdf format) on municipal support and capacity-building programmes. The purpose of the Department of Cooperat…
General Household Survey (GHS) (Revised) 2016
The General Household Survey measures the performance of government programmes and the quality of service delivery. It focuses on six broad areas: education, health and …
International Monetary Fund (IMF) Data
The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) data portal publishes global financial data, as well as economic and trade indicators.
National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS)
The National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS) is a panel survey funded by the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and implemented by the Southern Africa Labour…
South African Reserve Bank
The Reserve Bank enacts monetary policy and is a curator of macroeconomic statistics that it publishes in its Quarterly Bulletin.
Statistics South Africa (StatsSA)
The national statistical agency of South Africa. It is responsible for all official Censuses and other population surveys. It produces approximately 25 monthly data rele…
StatsSA SuperWEB2 Data Portal
An interactive data portal for StatsSA's primary data sets, such as the national census.
Unesco Institute for Statistics (UIS.Stat)
The UIS is the statistical office of UNESCO and is the UN depository for cross-nationally comparable statistics on education, science and technology, culture, and commun…
World Bank Data Bank
An interactive tool for exploring data in World Bank's databases.
World Bank Open Data
The World Bank Open Data site provides an entry-point into the World Bank's Data Bank. It includes demographic, developmental, time-series and geospatial data from the D…