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Census 2011 (2016 Boundaries)

What is this?
The 2011 Census, aggregated using the 2016 municipal boundaries. The census contains demographic information on individuals and households in South Africa down to the level of communities and wards.
Key points
  • Demographic analysis at the national, provincial, district and municipal level
  • Geographical analysis using the 2016 political boundaries
  • Main cross-tabulations use geography, age, population group, income, employment status, and sex
What can it be used for?

The 2011 Census provides data on demographics and service delivery at a national, provincial, municipal, ward and community level. This information can be used to provide context for the evaluation of budgeting, public spending and service delivery.

How can it be accessed and used?
  1. Visit StatsSA's SuperWEB2
  2. Register for a free account and/or login
  3. Expand the Community Profiles menu
  4. Select the Census 2011 (2016 Boundaries) dataset
  5. Select a specific subset of the dataset (e.g. Agricultural Households)
  6. Select data series from the subset and add them to the empty table
  7. Download or save your table

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