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International Monetary Fund (IMF) Data

What is this?
The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) data portal publishes global financial data, as well as economic and trade indicators.
Key points
  • Time series data available monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Downloadable datasets can be exported as .xls(x), .pdf, .pptx
  • Datasets can be visualised as interactive maps and charts
  • Full datasets with an approved login
  • Datasets include
  • Balance of Payments (BoP)
  • Surveys of direct and portfolio investment
  • Trade statistics (direction of trade, exports)
  • Government finances (public debt, expenditure, revenue)
  • Macroeconomic indicators (CPI, growth forecasts)
What can it be used for?

The financial and economic data can be used to provide context for the analysis of government budgets and expenditure. Datasets include metadata indicating how many countries are included, and the most popular datasets have ready-to-use data templates for quick download. The website has tools for filtering and visualising data. A login is required for full functionality (saving of queries, using the site's API, bulk downloads, and the ability to use workbooks).

How can it be accessed and used?
  1. Visit
  2. (Optional: Register / sign in for full functionality)
  3. Seach the homepage for popular datasets and data visualisations, or
  4. Click on the Data Topics tab at the top to start a broad search for a dataset, or
  5. Click on the Datasets tab at the top to search for a specific dataset
  6. Filter the dataset by choosing a specific country or indicator
  7. Download data as .xls(x), .pdf, .rtf, .pptx, or other file type

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