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About the Online Budget Data Portal project

Learn more about the new Online Budget Data Portal that is being built to help you understand the country's finances in a simple way.

Why the budget is important to all South Africans

Find out why the national budget is important to all South Africans, and how can help you explore and understand the budget.

How can the budget portal help you?

Follow Xholiswa as she explores the budget and helps to bring change to her childhood school. Learn how understanding budgets can help you understand who is responsible for servic…

The budget process

Interested in finding out how the South African budget process works? Learn about the budget process, how it relates to our constitution and the role that it plays in a modern day…

How to participate in the budget process?

The South African Constitution has several provisions that support people’s participation in areas of democratic governance. One such area of participation is in the allocation of…

A budget document explained

A budget document explained

How to become a supplier of goods or services to government

Xoliswa has a small business and is keen to offer goods and services to the government. She explains how she goes about this.