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General Household Survey (GHS) (Revised) 2016

What is this?
The General Household Survey measures the performance of government programmes and the quality of service delivery. It focuses on six broad areas: education, health and social development, housing, household access to services and facilities, food security, and agriculture.
Key points
  • Analysis down to the provincial level
  • Focus on development indicators
  • Series / indicators for individuals and households
What can it be used for?

The General Household Survey is conducted annually and provides supporting information to the more detailed Census (conducted every decade) and the Community Survey (conducted every decade, five years after the Census). The General Household Survey can be used to identify trends and shorter-term changes in key demographic and socio-economic variables.

How can it be accessed and used?
  1. Visit StatsSA's SuperWEB2
  2. Register for a free account and/or login
  3. Select the Household Surveys menu
  4. Select the General Household Surveys / (Revised 2017) / (Revised) sub-menu
  5. Select a specific year from the sub-sub-menus (e.g. 2017)
  6. Select one of the General Household Survey datasets
  7. Select data series from the dataset (e.g. Household Size; Refuse Removal) and add them to the empty table
  8. Download or save your table

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