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Statistics South Africa (StatsSA)

What is this?
The national statistical agency of South Africa. It is responsible for all official Censuses and other population surveys. It produces approximately 25 monthly data releases plus other quarterly and annual datasets.
Key points
  • Regular statistical releases (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Research reports in .pdf format and databases available in .xlsx or .csv formats
  • Data tools, including visualisations and interactive platforms (e.g. SuperWEB2)
What can it be used for?

StatsSA publishes a broad range of statistical data, including demographics, labour force information, and economic and welfare indicators. This information provides context to the analysis of public spending and service delivery analysis.

How can it be accessed and used?
  1. (Visit StatsSA's homepage at)[
  2. Click on the tabs at the top (e.g. Find Statistics, Publications, etc) or enter a search in the searchbar at the top right to find specific publications or datasets
  3. Alternately, click through one of the links at the bottom of the homepage (e.g. Press Room, Tools, Links) to access more tools and reports

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