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StatsSA SuperWEB2 Data Portal

What is this?
An interactive data portal for StatsSA's primary data sets, such as the national census.
Key points
  • Census and household surveys
  • Community surveys
  • Quarterly labour force surveys
  • Labour market dynamics
  • Victims of crime surveys
  • Mortality data
What can it be used for?

SupwerWEB2 can be used to interrogate and download StatsSA datasets, including data on communities and households. Users can create cross-tabulations and pivot tables using census and other datasets. It is a platform for users who need to manipulate demographic data on a regular basis. It includes a help directory to answer common questions and to assist with troubleshooting.

How can it be accessed and used?
  1. Visit StatsSA's SuperWEB2
  2. Register for a free account and/or login
  3. Choose and expand a menu (e.g. Domestic Tourism Survey)
  4. Chose a sub-menu (e.g. 2008)
  5. Select the relevant dataset (e.g. Domestic Tourism Survey 2008)
  6. Select a subset (e.g. Agricultural Households)
  7. Select data series (e.g. Marital Status) from the subset and add them to the empty table
  8. Download or save your table

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